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Your dietary supplement,
when it's time to have a baby

Impryl is a once-daily vegetable capsule
that delivers critical micronutrients
when you are trying to conceive.

Why do you need a preconception dietary supplement?


Lifestyle, diet, environmental factors and/or genetic variation can cause a shortage of key micronutrients that are important for your reproductive health.


Impryl is a patent-pending dietary supplement that can account for this shortage when trying to have a baby Рeither naturally or through an Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) procedure.

For women and men

One-carbon (1C) metabolism is a universal biochemical network that is important for the reproductive health of both women and men. Impryl is formulated to specifically support 1C metabolism.

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Based on biology

1C metabolism is so vital because it helps the cells in your body, including eggs and sperm, integrate dietary consumption of micronutrients with important biological output.

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Clinically relevant

Disruption of 1C metabolism, through diet, lifestyle, environmental factors or genetic variation, is associated with a number of human reproductive health issues, including infertility, preeclampsia, miscarriage and certain birth defects like spina bifida.

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Eight critical micronutrients

Impryl contains eight critical micronutrients in physiologically relevant amounts to supplement your diet when you are trying to conceive. Each of these ingredients is either a cofactor or donor molecule that has functional importance during 1C metabolism.

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Quality manufacturing

Impryl is manufactured under current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) in a United States facility that is routinely inspected by global health authorities.

Rigorous laboratory testing

Following manufacturing, and before release for sale, Impryl capsules are laboratory tested to determine conformance of 23 independent parameters with acceptance criteria established by the United States Pharmacopeia (USP).

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